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It’s the City of Brotherly Love, the birthplace of the United States, the home of the Liberty Bell and the only city where you can get a proper Philly cheesesteak. Philadelphia may be brimming with history, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stodgy place. It’s a cultural haven with music, art, some of the best restaurants, splendid shopping and plenty of things to do.  Fairmount Park and the plethora of greenery throughout the city are must-sees, as are the colonial, Victorian and modern architecture of the downtown area, particularly the stunning interior of Hyatt at The Bellevue. So, let your personal freedom ring, as Hyatt suggests the best places to go in Philadelphia.

Constitution Museum-Arts & Culture-Philadelphia
Barnes Foundation

300 North Latches Lane

Merion, PA

+1 610 667 0290

The secret is in the display, as each work of art is presented next to an artifact that enhances the piece. The result is visually stunning.

Curtis Institute of Music

1726 Locust Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 893 7902

Having trained many of the top chairs in American orchestras, watching a concert from their students is very different than going to the neighborhood school’s recital.

Institute of Contemporary Art

118 South 36th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 898 5911

Andy Warhol and Robert Maplethorpe shocked everyone when their work was displayed at this museum. Even more shocking is the low price of admission: $6.

Museum of Mourning Art

2900 State Road

Drexel, PA

+1 610 259 5800

Proving that beauty exists in the act of grieving, this museum has stunning displays including a horse-drawn hearse and mourning jewelry from George Washington himself.

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts

738 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 893 9912

What was once a union for black musicians is now all about jazz: performing, promoting, teaching and preserving the legacy of Philadelphia's favorite music of free expression.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 763 8100

After you exhaust yourself re-enacting Rocky running up the stairs at this museum, you'll find a diverse collection of art, from Asian ink drawings to Renaissance art.

Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra

230 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 923 5678

Each performance explores a landscape of rhythms from Afro-Cuban to Indian. If you're lucky, you'll go on a night where the styles blend into something never heard before.

Wood Turning Center

501 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 923 8000

Turning a chunk of wood into a vibrant sculpture isn't easy, which means artists who can actually do that should have a place to display their work.

Place to Visit in Philadelphia
30th Street Station

North 30th Street and Market Street

Philadelphia, PA

A stroll through the main concourse gives you a view of five-story windows and art-deco chandeliers. This is an experience you'll never forget.

Architectural Tour from the Philadelphia Center for Architecture

1218 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 569 3186

Going from the 1870s to present day only takes two hours, as you wade through Philly's vast architectural array. However, this type of time travel demands comfortable shoes.

Boathouse Row

1-15 Boathouse Row, Kelly Drive

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 683 0200

The historic row houses that line the Schuylkill River, each with its own history, host regattas as well as social events.

City Hall

One Penn Square

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 686 2840

The building's architects wanted it to be the tallest in the world. Finished in 1901, City Hall wasn't the tallest, but became an enduring example of Victorian architecture.

Eastern State Penitentiary

22nd Street and Fairmont Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 236 3300

The guard towers are all empty and so are the cells, but the eerie elegance of the architecture is a site to behold.

Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site

530 North Seventh Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 597 8780

Visit the house where America's most macabre writer composed The Tell-Tale Heart, then keep an ear out for anything that may beat beneath the floorboards.

Independence Hall

500 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 965 2305

The Declaration of Independence was debated here, but it's also fun to imagine the Founding Fathers gathered around the water cooler, discussing the best store to buy pantaloons.

Liberty Bell at the Liberty Bell Center

Liberty Bell

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 965 2305

You can generate your own theory about the crack in the Liberty Bell, just as long as you don’t try to create another one.

Longwood Gardens

Route One

Kennett Square, PA

+1 610 388 1000

A result of man and nature working together: the grounds are landscaped beyond beauty and the fountains are works of art.

Masonic Temple

One North Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 988 1900

A tour of this building is like an architectural tour of the world, with different rooms displaying different, ornate architectural styles, from Corinthian to Egyptian.

Seafood-Eat-Drink-Play in Philadelphia

110 South 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 546 9300

The food is great anytime you go, but Barbuzzo has drawn attention for its late-night happy hour, boasting the decadent Strozzapreti pasta in mushroom sauce.

Cherry Street Tavern

129 North 22nd Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 561 5683

Stay in this Philadelphia tavern long enough, and you'll eventually meet everyone in the city. We don't recommend doing that, however.


3945 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 222 1657

With 600 Mexican wrestling masks lining the staircase and a vibrant, colorful interior, this restaurant is as high on style as it is on its finely prepared modern Mexican cuisine.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

112 South 18th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 267 467 3277

Dedicated to the fine art of bartending, this trendy, Prohibition-themed bar serves up cocktails with equally creative names like the Bizzy Izzy or the Dead Moon.

Johnny Hot's

1234 North Delaware Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 423 2280

You can't pass up a sandwich named after a city. At this tiny restaurant, the Philly cheesesteak is packed with meat and slathered with cheese. Perfect.

Keating's River Grill

201 South Columbus Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 521 6509

Well-crafted cocktails and a definitive version of the Philly cheesesteak are offered late into the night to enjoy while relaxing on the waterfront terrace or watching a big game in front of  51-inch plasma TVs.


152 West Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

+1 267 886 9556

A sandwich should be served in a casual setting, but with the Gustaio, offering homemade lamb sausage and sun-dried cherry mustard, you'll feel like wearing a tuxedo.


926 South Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 592 8180

Mix upscale American cuisine served tapas style-think red wine braised beef brisket-with an interior described as an "urban farmhouse," and you'll have an unforgettable experience.

Union Trust

717 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 925 6000

We'd say this place is over the top, but with soaring ceilings, a Victorian décor, 18,000 bottles of wine and perfectly prepared steak, we don't think anyone could ever reach the peak.

Village Whiskey

118 South 20th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 665 1088

It's good to stick to the staples: burgers, beer and whiskey. But this Prohibition-era themed restaurant takes the basics and turns them into the sublime.


129 South 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 922 3095

With offerings like gorgonzola and fig bruschetta, as well as a cozy atmosphere and a select wine list, you'll feel like Zen stopped by and said "Hello."


200 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 790 1919

Not only does this Hyatt bar-restaurant have stunningly elegant domed windows, but sipping the XIX Signature cocktail by the fire is something everyone should try.

Great Shopping in Philadelphia
Architectural Antiques Exchange

715 North 2nd Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 922 3669

With more than 30,000 pieces in its inventory and three levels to explore, you'll find antiques from Belgian castles, bar signs and undoubtedly, something you'll love.


4443 Main Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 483 9273

The techniques Artesano uses to forge intricate iron works are centuries old, but the pieces they produce are as modern as you can get.

AIA Bookstore and Design Center

117 South 17th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 569 3188

Whether you're an architecture junky or not, you’ll appreciate the wide array of architectural books and adore the knick-knacks with smart, sleek design.


1818 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 564 9000

Known for service that matches it's impeccable men's and women's designer apparel, Boyd’s isn't so much a store as it is an experience.

Duross & Langel

117 South 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 592 7627

With everything you need to keep a healthy glow, this store has fragrant soaps, lotions, eye serums, lip balms and more.

Joseph Fox Bookstore

1723 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 563 4184

Finding the right book obviously requires a bookstore, but it also requires a staff who understands exactly what you'd like to read.

Italian Market

South 9th Street and Fitzwater Street

Philadelphia, PA

Everyone's Italian at the oldest and largest outdoor market in the United States. The market boasts fresh pastas, produce, antiques and, above all, a convivial atmosphere.

King of Prussia Mall

Route 202 at Mall Boulevard

King of Prussia, PA

With more than 450 stores and 126-acre parking lot, this mall is built for people who enjoy shopping more than the average fashionista.

Knit Wit

1721 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 564 4760

With shoes, jewelry and clothing by designers like Diane von Furstenberg, this store has everything a lady needs to look fierce.

Spirit of the Artist

1022 Pine Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 627 8801

Contemporary wood, glass and ceramic crafts are the specialty at this store. Walking in is no problem, leaving without something you adore is difficult to do.


124 North 3rd Street

Philadelphia, PA

+1 215 238 0825

With a mix between vintage clothing and designers like Dunderdon and Steve Alan, you can stylize yourself as retro chic with a modern flair or vice versa.

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